Facilities management is a business function derived from the need to gather and organize all activities which support the core organizational activities such as maintenance, security, cleaning, catering, hygiene etc. Therefore, facility management is an integrated management of non-core activities needed for efficient functioning of every organization. The goal of facility management is to provide efficient and effective facilities management services such as: well-maintained organizational facilities, safe and healthy working environment, dynamic space planning, effective response to client’s needs, optimal and standardized processes, effective internal and external communication and cultivation of motivated employees.

Software development has helped facility managers to be more efficient in integrating people, processes, places and technologies through the support of information technology. This technology has its key role in one of the most important components of the facility management – network communication between organizations and stakeholders. Effective facilities management, as an interdisciplinary business function which encompasses communication, environment, health and safety, security, maintenance, cleaning and space allocations and changes, saves costs and ensures quality services and products.

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