facility managers and the best way to get reliable vendors

Being a facility manager is no easy job as it comes with lots of responsibilities and very little authority. One of the responsibilities of facilities management is to get vendors for supplies.

So how can facility managers find reliable vendors?

One proven way of getting vendors is calling for an auction. This involves inviting several vendors to make bids, so you can choose the best from amongst them.

These are some steps involved in creating a perfect auction.

– Firstly, you need to make a list of the attributes you would like in the vendors you want, or you can just make a mental note of these attributes. It is always important to get vendors that will add value to your organization.

– Next, you need to get the contact details of these vendors and contact them, by calls, messages, emails etc. you invite them to the auction when you contact them.

– Then you conduct the auction, where you look at the prospective vendors and select the ones that meet your specified attributes.

You should know that vendors detest auctions, because it makes them seem as being cost focused over value-focused.

Also in a bidding process, a low bid may not be the best vendor, instead a desperate vendor.

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