Hiring a Facility Manager the Right Way

Hiring the right facility manager can sometimes be very challenging but with the following considerations, one can easily get the right top facility manager.

1. Emphasis on the right skill set

A candidate for the facility manager possession should have the right skills set needed to do the superior job with vast experience in the company. They should have strong leadership and communication skills because the more skill the candidate has, the more resourceful they appear to a company.

2. Take advantage of publicly available data

Today most companies and recruiters have access to more publicly available data that could help in deciding who to hire as your facility manager. Other than resumes, social networking sites like Twitter and LinkedIn are important sources of data about human capital.

3. Expand the interview process

A facility Manager interview should be expanded to allow peers to also interview the candidates and get different opinions and perspectives .This is not only important to examine the candidates but it also gives them the opportunity to see the job from different angles.

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